Korean or jibberish?
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My 3yo son memorized a song from a cartoon on Youtube. He walks around the house singing it all day. We think the song might be Korean, but we're not sure. Is he using actual words or just making sounds? (apologies if this is wildly offensive, my wife and I are just curious).
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Can you link the cartoon?
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Response by poster: Looking for it.
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Response by poster: This is it.
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Best answer: Yeah, it's Korean. And yep, your son is singing the first refrain.
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Response by poster: Very cool! Thanks!
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What is it saying?
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Best answer: My husband speaks Korean, and confirms that it is (very simple) Korean, a la "cars go! helicopters fly!" Basically, targeted towards the pre-preschool crowd, before they can understand things like Sesame Street.
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Response by poster: No idea. He basically surfs Asian videos and relateds on YouTube. The crazy thing is: he bookmarks the ones he wants to watch later.

Also: he watches a lot of ASMR toy videos from Japan.
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Best answer: The show is called Robocar Poly. "Poly" I think is short for police and it also seems to be the name of the blue car character. The song talks about how brave they are, how they'll come anywhere to help us when we call for them; it also has shout-outs for each member of the team. ("Poly! Brave and fast! Roly! Stronger than anyone!" etc.)

The first 2 bits that your son is cutely singing are from the chorus:

Yonggamhan / goojodae / Robocar Poly
(Brave / rescue team / Robocar Poly)

He sings that part twice, then the next part he sings is the last line:

Himchagae / booluhbwayo / Robocar Poly!
(With a loud voice / let's call for them: / Robocar Poly!)

That's probably more detail than you wanted!
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That is frickin' adorable! Also, heads up, Milo wants to learn languages!

He is at the perfect age to pick them up with no effort at all. So you might want to pay a bi-lingual student to watch cartoons with him and interact with him in Korean for a couple hours each week.
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