Life will find a way. BUT WILL I!?!?!?
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OK, guys, Jurassic Park is being re-released on IMAX 3D for ONE WEEK in April, and if I don't see it I will just die of sadness forever. It doesn't appear to be playing anywhere near me, and I live in Chicago, which should have everything, and I'm a-skeerd that I won't get to see it at all.

See this? SEE THIS?!?! Awesome, right? Right.

I've called IMAX theaters in Chicago and some surrounding burbs, but it doesn't appear to be playing near me. I've tried calling several theaters, but get stuck in some pre-recorded jerkaround not-theater-specific loop for like AMC or whatever, and I'm not getting anywhere.

Please, please, please help me to find a theater, say, within 100 miles or so that's playing this thing. Please.
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I'm in Sioux Falls, SD. I changed the location on that web page to Chicago, IL, and the date to April 5, and got an indication that the Navy Pier IMAX is going to have it. Some other IL locations showed up too. It might just be too soon for the listings to show up automatically. I'd keep calling around every week/10 days or so. Make sure it's the 3D IMAX they are showing, of course.
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Response by poster: I've spoken with an actual person (two actually) at the Navy Pier IMAX, one manager and one booking person, and they both told me that they were NOT going to be showing it. I really, really hope they are, because that would be awesome. I'll have to call them back.

That web page doesn't show it as a location option for me, not sure what's going on there. :(
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Ah. I just tried it again, and what I loaded was apparently just a list of all the IMAX theaters in the Chicagoland area. Sorry about that.
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I had the same freak-out when Lawrence of Arabia made the rounds for one special week last year, but when the week actually grew closer, it showed up in the "next week" part of local movie listings. You might just have to wait a bit and you will be able to get more information.
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The people you call at a movie theater may not have any clue about the film schedule weeks out. They're likely hourly employees. Film schedules are likely decided at a corporate level.
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Best answer: If it's any consolation, it's not showing up as playing in NYC yet either. I think it's unlikely that it's not going to hit major cities. I signed up for a Fandango FanAlert...because...THIS LOOKS AWESOME!
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It's not showing any availability in the DC market either - it is not a real possibility that they're doing a rerelease and not showing it in NYC, DC and Chicago - they must not have the schedule live.

Thanks for the heads up btw - this will be fun!
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I think it's too far out. Flixter doesn't have any showtimes for it yet.

There is no way it isn't going to run in Chicago, but the theatres probably don't know any details yet. Based on the rotation of promo materials I see in my local imaxplex, I would think that the trailers and giant cardboard dinosaurs will hit the ground in the next 10 days, and at that point you'll at least be able to find out which of your area IMAX outlets will be running it. (I'm going to guess ALL OF THEM. It's JP! Even I'm going to go to it and I hate IMAX.)
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Agreed with most of the other comments:

They probably don't know yet where it'll be playing. My local AMC 18-screen theater (Milwaukee) usually plays these 3D rereleases (recently Top Gun 3D, previously a few Disney 3D conversions, Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX, etc.) so I'm confident that it will be available at a couple theaters (at least) in Chicago.
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L.A. isn't on the list either, so I'm sure we're just ahead of the game here. I'm thinking it might be a good excuse for a meet-up. Thanks for the head's up!
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Best answer: The IMAX theater in Rochester NY is only 4 miles from the airport, if you're desperate.

But it's totally going to show in Chicago. It will.
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Best answer: I saw a trailer for it at the AMC River East in January.
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Response by poster: It didn't occur to me to check other major cities, and knowing that showtimes aren't listed anywhere yet is a relief. Unless it's only playing in a super small release in the IMAX on a small island off the coast of Costa Rica, looks like I just need to wait. GAHHH WAITING IS SO HARD.

Thank you all for allaying my fears.
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Best answer: I have no answers for you, but I just wanted to help you get psyched up for it.
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More to psyche you up: Jurassic Park Live from the Old Murder House Theater out of Austin. They also did Aliens on Ice, but that, sadly, didn't go on tour. We saw the Jurassic Park show in New Orleans. It was awesome. Our IMAX had better show Jurassic Park too.
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Response by poster: I just got my Fandango alert today for a theater in Hodgkins. It's STILL not listed at the friggin Navy Pier IMAX, but Hodgins is only a half hour away from my house so that's not too shabby. (Actually, it ends up being closer than Navy Pier because I can actually drive there, hmm.) I'll give Navy Pier another day or two to shape up before I buy tickets.

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Got my fan alert too! =] WOO
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