Right power supply for a home piano keyboard?
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My daughter has a Yamaha psr-260 that we picked up at a garage sale. It did not have a power supply and used batteries to power up. Since the batteries have died, I have found a power supply that seems to match the piano's requirements on the back of the unit: DC IN 10-12V. The power supply says Input: AC 120V 60 Hz 20W and Output: DC 12V 1000mA with a matching polarity symbol (the plus is inside the minus).

The original adapter's specs were found on Yahoo Answers:

The Yamaha PA-3B adapter's specifications are:

12v (12 volts)
700mA (700 milliamps)
+ tip polarity (tip polarity is positive for all Yamaha keyboards)

Just make sure your new adapter matches those three things and you'll be good to go! If you can't find one with 700mA, you can safely use any with a higher mA. Using one with a mA below the recommended 700 capacity can cause the adapter to overheat, but is is perfectly safe to go higher than the recommended mA. This just means your adapter would be capable of running a device that requires more mA, but as long as you have atleast 700mA you will have satisfied the Yamaha keyboard's specifications.

Is everything cool? I have tested the keyboard by leaving it on for hours and nothing has heated up at all.
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Best answer: Yeah, you are fine. The replacement adapter is a little more robust than required, but that won't hurt anything.
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Yep, a cursory search of other adapters being sold as replacements specifically for the PSR-260 have the same specs, so you're good.
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Thirding that you're fine.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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