Finding a job in marketing (digital) in CA (SF/Bay Area, San Jose etc)
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What are the best resources/avenues/contract agencies to get hooked up with regarding getting a marketing job (digital/online) within the Bay Area (California).

Need some pointers on career sites/resources for finding a marketing (digital) job in California in the Bay Area. The person in question has over 6 years experience with most of it in the online/digital arena with fortune 500 companies. Also he is a US citizen so no issues around visa. Curious what are the best places to look for beside the usual (monster/career builder etc.). Open to direct to hire or contract.

Thank you for all responses.
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Authentic Jobs (link goes to marketing jobs in SF) is usually pretty good for techy jobs, if you don't already know that site.
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Not to be too snarky, but if you're looking at Monster and CareerBuilder you're on the wrong track. Most companies are posting on LinkedIn, Craigslist, and also it's a good idea to make a list of companies you're interested in and check their websites regularly. I also use Indeed which will pick up company website postings as well as drecky ones like Monster.

The Creative Group (part of Robert Half International) is a legit recruiter and has a fair amount of jobs, but their recruiters are really hit or miss. The agency is very much "don't call us, we'll call you." That said, I just met with a recruiter there on Monday and had an interview Tuesday, so my opinion of them is improving.

There is a newish agency called Betts that specializes in recruiting for startups. I really liked my recruiter there and had a good interview, but the job wasn't a good fit.

Creative Circle is another big-ish one like TCG but their recruiters are a little more personable than your average TCG recruiter.
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I was going to say that my favorite jobsite is

I know I'm getting my resume to the hiring manager or HR Recuiter (most are posted with the person's Linkedin profile), and I usually get a call for every job I apply for!

I have some really specialized experience, but I've been very pleased with how responsive the folks are on
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