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I want to see more well-shot video of traditional crafts/trades-people who are excellent at what they do. Links?

I don't really care what the trade or craft is. I don't really care if they're instructive either. I'd just like to see more of people excelling at their craft. Some examples of what I'm sort of searching for:

Broken link now, but for those that remember this Mefi post:

These sign painters:

Dick Proenneke's carpentry skills (really anything out of Alone In the Wilderness):

Jacues Pepin' making an omellette: v=57afEWn-QDg

Anything similar I might like?
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Best answer: Artisan videos
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I don't know anything about that gentleman, but for me it's Norm Abram on New Yankee Workshop. Like... every episode.
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Best answer: Keepers Of The Craft, a video about traditional sign making.

Made By Hand - an excellent post of craftspeople videos.
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Best answer: This recent FPP has tons of very cool videos.
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Signing My Life Away, featuring a Cardiff signpainter.
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A potter, trimming cups.
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Craft in America, shown on some PBS stations.
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Inside Adam Savage's Cave has videos of MeFi's own asavage building things and stuff. [previously]
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Abby Franquemont's Introduction to Spinning Part 1 and Part 2
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Best answer: I found this baker at work mesmerizing.
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Best answer: Wooden bowl turning via this fpp
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Hearts and Crafts, a beautiful documentary on Hermes' craftspeople doing their thing. I guess it's not 'short' - 45 min or so - but it's a lot of little segments on many different craftspeople. Scarf painters, crystal polishers, leather bag makers, saddle makers in rural France.
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Best answer: this mindblowing five minute video of Chris Palmer's incredible moving origami. what I love about this is that craft is so often about the end-product, but origami -- and particularly Palmer's choreographical form of it -- is really all process. and it's spectacularly beautiful.
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Jimmy DiResta's vids are nicely edited. No music, just sped up sound.
StormTrooper Helmet
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Since appearing in this FPP, the video collection at ArtBabble has grown. You can choose videos of artists and craftsmen at work based on the art medium or period/style; Decorative Arts is probably a good place to start for your interests.
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Here's my favorite.
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I've always loved the Colonial Williamsburg films, particularly "The Gunsmith of Williamsburg." I first saw it in grade 10, and it stuck in my brain for 20 years until I could get a copy of my own.
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I really like searching youtube for videos of people blacksmithing and bladesmithing, as well as people with home foundrys, pouring scrap metal into homemade molds for parts and doodads.

Here's what came to mind, though: this video popped up on (aggregation site for high-quality videos) showing the crafting of a beautiful damascus knife and leather sheath. It's a tad over 7 minutes, and hosted on YT.
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Best answer: Utsushi - in search of Katsuhira's tiger Part 2, via this FPP.
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Best answer: This amazing brick mason
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Best answer: Axes!
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Nick Offerman, who you can see in longer videos working his comedy craft as Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, is also a very skilled woodworker and canoe builder. His woodshop's website is also worth a look, as it is both humorous and awesome.

They've poked fun at this on Parks & Rec to great effect.
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Gilded and reverse-glass sign artist David A Smith created the artwork for John Mayer's album Born & Raised (warning: heavy John Mayer promotion in the first 7 minutes. Beautifully shot craftsmanship in the remaining 10 minutes).
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Here are some videos of Amanda Hannaford - a master spinner - demonstrating English Long-Draw Spinning, the double-flyer flax wheel, supported-spindle spinning, and cotton spinning on a great wheel. She's got many other videos showing fiber-preparation techniques and spinning techniques as well.
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Those who make is updated frequently and has great stuff.
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Not always "traditional" crafts, but I've found interesting stuff on the Handmade Portraits on Etsy's YouTube page.
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Is makeup a craft? Sure, why not. Michelle Phan rocking the Lady Gaga Bad Romance look.
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Response by poster: These are all awesome...Thanks!

One of the first videos I found on the reddit/artisans was this guy making an awesome desk for his son. I've watched it several times already. Still combing through all the links everyone posted - but I've loved everything I've seen so far. Thanks again
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Oh, I made a post about just this! (Building boats, with links you can follow to other hand-built things).
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