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Can anyone identify this pad synth? In my sample collection, I have a sample of a pad synth playing a chord. I would like to either find a VST or sample bank that will replicate this synth's sound. Here is a recording of the sample playing at C5, followed by a short chord progression.
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I can't help, maybe these guys can. Muffwiggler.
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This is a synth recorded into a sampler. You can hear the loop points, and the way the sound changes with pitch is not quite what a (virtual or real) analog synth sounds like.

I think you could make this with pretty much any synth that contains a resonant low pass filter. It's a pretty generic sound. I will see what I can hack up using Ableton Live's built in synths.
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Response by poster: scose: I know it's a synth recorded into a sampler- sorry if it wasn't totally clear in my question.

All I have right now is a very short sample, and I'm trying to identify the original synth. Pad synths have their own distinctive sounds and I especially like this one.
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Hmmm.... my guesses are PPG Wave or a D50. Possibly DX7.
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It's got a fairly natural waveform without beats, looped at a zero crossing, with a cheesy chorus effect added on top, so it's probably a really old PCM based sampler. Doesn't sound like KORG to me, though.

That's all I got.
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I think luckynerd is on the right track, except I don't think it's a DX7.
Sounds like an 80s wavetable synth with an analog filter to me. Usual suspects would be Prophet VS, Roland D-50, PPG Wave.

You can get the PPG as a VST. Their iPad synth is way cheaper though and even has a free version.

The VS is available as a plug-in from Arturia - they do a plugin that does both the analog Prophet 5 and the digital VS.

The Korg M1 is available as great plugin from Korg for $50, but that sample doesn't sound polished enough to be an M1.
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Response by poster: I think the filtering is an artifact of the sample being an 8-bit WAV. Considering it's in my sample collection, it's probably ripped from a demoscene MOD from back in the '90s.

Thanks a lot, w0mbat! I'll check out those VSTs.
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