Annapolis in April: activities?
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Looks like I'll have one day free in Annapolis (work trip) in early April. Anything cool to do? There are heaps of museums, any favorites? Anything doing on Chesapeake Bay that time of year? Thanks in advance.
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Definitely eat you some crab. I lived in Annapolis for 4 years and hated it, but the crab elsewhere is just not the same.
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You might catch someone drinking a six pound milkshake at Chick and Ruth's.

Depending on the date, there are public activities at the Naval Academy.
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The statehouse is nice, and the area around it is worth strolling around in. The historical society gives worthwhile tours.
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I really love Annapolis for a daytrip. The City Dock area downtown is a nice place to stroll around with small shops and restaurants etc. Chick and Ruth's Delly is an important institution. Lots of colonial house museums if you like that kind of thing--I think the best one is the William Paca house. There's a short harbor cruise that'll be up and running in early April--I've not been on it but in general I always recommend people take boat tours because you just don't get that many opportunities to be on a boat these days. Definitely get some crabs--Cantler's is your best bet.
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I like the U.S. Naval Academy Museum in Preble Hall on the USNA campus. Lots of historical stuff. A great collection of model ships.

While you're at the Naval Academy, you can visit John Paul Jones's tomb in the basement of the Chapel.
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Another vote For Chick and Ruth's.
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I think the best one is the William Paca house

My mom is one of the docents there, I'll let her know that someone on the internet thinks well of her house!

Be sure to check out the Rams Head if you like brewpubs. I prefer downstairs in the more rustic bar than the more traditional upstairs. I'm sad to see the Sly Fox is gone. You might pop in to the 1747 which is beneath the Reynolds Tavern and is pretty chock-a-block with colonial feel.

April should be good weather for some of the walking tours if you're looking for some evening entertainment. My wife and I like ghost tours, but unfortunately it was the tour after ours that was in the papers for getting a snapshot of an orb in the cemetery.
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There's live music almost every night at Ram's Head OnStage, which is attached to the resturant/brewpub mentioned above. It's a smaller venue with tables and chairs.
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You and your colleagues could rent a sailboat for the day (if at least one or two of you knows how to sail).
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Breakfast or lunch at Chick and Ruth's (I prefer breakfast, and if you don't mind going at a little bit of an off peak time it will be less crowded, although going when it's jam packed can be fun), spend some time before or after just wandering around the city dock area and popping into little shops. You can walk across the bridge to Eastport but there's not a ton of stuff over there, I just like the walk across the small bridge.

St. Anne's church is pretty and will not take much time. Naval Academy and State House are standbys, but plan for more time there.

Wear walking shoes, trying to do it in even casual heels gets old fast (wedges are fine, but watch the cobblestones!). Most of downtown Annapolis is walkable, and parking can be a pain in the ass. They give out parking tickets like candy, so watch it if you park at a meter (here's a map of parking - #4 Hillman Garage is my go-to to do the city dock/naval academy area).

Get in touch if you need advice on anywhere specific or have questions as you get to planning.
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Wow! Hive mind, you rock. Thanks.
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If you're there on the weekends, the Bladen Street Garage is free all day. Also, it's next to St. John's (my alma mater!) which has a nice, small campus.

Honestly my memories of Chick and Ruth's are terrible food and drunken patrons, but I was usually there around midnight.
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Chick & Ruth, meh, avoid it. Greasy and not really all that good.

Walk over the bridge into Eastport and check out the Leeward Market on 2nd Street. They make some really good bacon,egg&cheese bagel sandwiches among other dishes. That or the Boatyard or Davis', also in Eastport.

Outdoor Sunday brunch at The Back Porch is always great, but it won't be opened again until mid-May.

Won't be much on the water yet as it'll still be a bit cold. We don't usually recommission our boat until at least tax day. Even then it's a bit brisk to be out on the water until about late-May.

Cantler's is good for crabs but I've no idea how to get there by car, we always get there from the water.
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