Similar music to the Heat soundtrack?
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Asking for my husband: I just got the Heat soundtrack, and it is intense and moody. I am looking for other soundtracks, or actual albums, that fit that bill. Obviously Blade Runner, and I am imagining a lot of Friedkin films, but the mix of dark and strong is something I would like to hear more of.
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Mulholland Dr. soundtrack

Very much a dark, strong, intense affair. Done by the extraordinary Angelo Badalamenti.
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Clint Mansell's soundtracks are gorgeous, The Fountain in particular.
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Response by poster: Husband has also authorized me to give bonus points to anyone who is able to answer Joe Beese's question from 2008.
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Peter Gabriel's Passion may be worth a listen. Technically it's not a soundtrack (Peter tinkered with the songs and changed several of them before he released the album); but it's still amazing.
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I asked my soundtrack/score aficionado boyfriend, he says: Tangerine Dream scores for movies like The Keep and Sorcerer probably fit that bill.
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Neil Young's soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man. Definitely intense and moody. Young improvised all the music while watching a cut of the film, so has a kind of a loose vibe. It's basically Young messing around on his guitar but there's a very haunting rhythmic quality to it too.
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If orchestral stuff is OK, Howard Shore's score for Se7en might fit the bill. There are a couple of tracks on YouTube:

Chasing John Doe
The Desert

It is unfortunately long out of print, but the soundtrack from The Shining is pretty amazing. Bits and pieces are floating around online, and some pieces by composers like Bartok and Penderecki should be easy enough to find from other sources. But the tracks Wendy Carlos composed for the film are really chilling:

Opening Credits (built on a theme by Berlioz from Symphonie Fantastique)
Rocky Mountains.
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Bear McCreary's soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica is pretty neat.

Also Popol Vuh's music for Werner Herzog's films gets it done.
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Paris, Texas
Taxi Driver
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Oh boy oh boy I love this question. I grew up on soundtracks. This is my bread and butter.

If I were making a playlist/mix I would start with the opening titles from Alien 3. It's a mix of ochestral and synth but I think it would PERFECTLY set the mood.

Again in the orchestral vein, the soundtrack from The Ninth Gate is pretty good, especially the opening titles.

Tangerine Dream (Sorceror, The Keep, Firestarter, Ladyhawke)

Moroder's work on the 1980s re-make of Cat People is good. Moroder also did the soundtrack to Scarface (warning poor audio quality).

You might like the soundtrack to Drive.

Most of the soundtrack to much-maligned Lynch directed Dune was done by Toto, but the Prophecy Theme was done by Brian Eno.

Ennio Morricone's soundtrack for The Thing really makes the film, in my opinion. Of course, the director John Carpenter also contributed to the soundtrack and his stuff is pretty rad, too.

Clint Mansell has been mentioned for The Fountain, but check out his earlier work with John Carpenter: Escape from New York theme.

Hans Zimmer's a bit played out, but I think you'll find his early work on Black Rain is intense and good.

Let us not forget Don Peake's Knight Rider soundwork.

Beyond the Black Rainbow's soundtrack I'd say is definitely striving for that 1980s/Friedkin vibe.

Brad Fiedel was no slouch on the soundtrack to The Terminator.

This Soundcloud playlist has some real gems.

You should definitely spend some time with Jean Michael Jarre (warning that site has auto-playing music but the music is so awesome it's totally worth it so go ahead and turn up yer speakers).

Another soundcloud-hosted synth-group, Noir Deco are a lot of fun. I especially like their song Escape With Snake Plissken (lol)

Ok I better get back to work now. Hope you find something you like in these suggestions!
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I love the soundtrack to Heat and find the soundtrack to American Beauty and the Illusionist also on a similar vein. Moody and ethereal.
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Soundtrack from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (by Trent Reznor!). The song that plays during the opening credits is awesome.
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Oh! The mention of Trent Reznor just reminded me of the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack from Quake, which is awesome.
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You might be interested in Cliff Martinez's soundtracks. Drive for sure. That's going to be a little more edgy in parts. The soundtrack for Solaris is more ambient.
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Also, I can't recall exactly, but I think the soundtrack for The Road by Nick Cave might be worth checking out.
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Nthing Brad Fiedel's soundtrack to The Terminator, possibly Peter Gabriel's Passion (from The Last Temptation of Christ), and a lot of older John Carpenter stuff like Escape From New York, Halloween III, Assault on Precinct 13. And yeah, as you already know Tangerine Dream did lotsa soundtracks (The Keep, Thief, Sorceror, Near Dark), so...and Drive is pretty much a straight up tribute to Mann's movies, so that too. And possibly (don't laugh!) the Daft Punk soundtrack to Tron: Legacy.

Might not fit (prog-y) but I'll throw it out there just in case: Goblin/Simonetti, Pignatelli, Morante/Libra's soundtracks to giallo etc. tend to be moody and synth-driven ("Flashing", "Shock", "Suspiria", "Sighs"), though still distinct from what you seem to be after (often more bombastic).
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Response by poster: Husband says thank you- he will be spending the weekend listening to clips (and undoubtedly spending lots of money on iTunes).
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