What was this Sri Lankan Peppercorn?
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At a local Sri Lankan festival a few months ago I had what I thought was a fresh black peppercorn - it was a small black ball, smooth on the outside with a bit of salt coating it, and distinctly juicy. A guy was selling little glass jars of them. I think he recommended I put one in my Lion beer. I tried looking up fresh black peppercorns, but apparently they turn black as part of preparation and I can't find anything like this online. I did find peppercorns in salt in a bottle, but they were definitely green. Am I misremembering this, or is this standard food item of some kind?
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could they have been basil seeds? they're used in drinks sometimes and look kinda like peppercorns.
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I was going to suggest Betel Nut, but those would be hard to confuse with a peppercorn.
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Was it capers?
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According to this picture, immature peppers look like purple berries.
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Response by poster: Didn't have that halo like the basil seeds do. Not capers. It looked exactly like I'd expect an inflated peppercorn to look - same size, taut skin, black all over.

Don't know if it will help, but when I bit into it popped - there was no meat, but just juice or water that tasted like fresh-ground pepper.
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Best answer: Apparently if the pickling process isn't done correctly, they may turn black.
- The pepper has to be pickled fresh, preferably the very day it is plucked from the vine. Don't postpone the pickling beyond the next day or the peppercorn start discolouring and turning black.

- When the stalks are pickled, ensure they are completely immersed in brine or they will turn blackish in colour.

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Might be worth revisiting the same festival next year :)
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Could it have been allspice? They look like peppercorns but slightly bigger, and they taste a bit like nutmeg.
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Maybe papaya seed? They look a lot like peppercorns and apparently have a peppery taste. See here.
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Oh! Drop intoto barnes and noblethe and check out the article on chinese food in the latest saveur mag (mar 2013). There is mention of a thing used into asia that tastes of peppercorn but isn't. I will fee so happy if this is it and i was able to help you.
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I have the issue of Saveur that TestamentToGrace is referring to and the only thing I can find in it that seem similar are Sichuan peppercorns, which are not what you tasted.
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They were probably pickled green peppercorns -- sometimes they do turn blackish -- very common in South India. They would look something like this but they can look quite black in certain lights. They're definitely salty and juicy -- I love them!
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Best answer: Oh and this is what they look like after they've been brined a bit -- as you can see they're somewhat blackish.
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Response by poster: peacheater, that would explain it then. Every one the guy had was black so he was probably just doing something different with his brining. I know a place that sells green ones so I'll check it out and see how they taste.

Thanks to everyone for your answers!
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