Help my wife choose a Patisserie School
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My wife has recently been given the chance to follow one of her dreams and go to school to learn how to make pastries and cakes via a generous financial situation, so we are seeking the hive minds help to find a good patisserie course that she could take. The only limitations are that I want to go with her and due to my job, she can probably only do a maximum of 2 - 3 months, so a course that's longer than that would be a no-go. However, she is willing to travel (and relishes the idea), so please suggest any school you like, regardless of the location. Related to this, she is currently considering going to Paris (obviously), but is worried about the language barrier, so any comments on that side would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
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It's a lifelong dream, man. Maybe look for the best school, not the best one that fits YOUR schedule over her dream. It's a route to a lot of resentment down the road.
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Response by poster: Okay, forget about the time limit and just tell us what you think the best school is...
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My friend threw in her job to pursue a career in baking and did a fast track course at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie, in Yssingeaux, France. My limited understanding is that the school is quite highly regarded. She graduated valedictorian (this is a woman whom I am told, the one item she had baked prior to the course and shared had people gagging and discreetly trying to bin it). My friend has now opened up her own bakery and seems to be doing very well, plus her food looks AMAZING. Oh, and she spoke no French yet obviously managed to do quite well, plus she loved the course and had the time of her life.
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Their website says pastry classes taught in English.
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There you go, even better. I have to say, I was a teensy bit envious of how much fun she had and what she's achieved, if my life circumstances were a little different, I would definitely spend a few months there and do a course! Lucky wife! She did mention that the school and town were a bit isolated so I'm not sure how that would affect you (husband) but she's there to cook, so not really an issue for her.
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The French Pastry School in Chicago
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Best answer: Le Cordon Bleu in Paris even though people will say it's overrated. If it's a one time opportunity with money in hand then that's the place to go. I think it's in 3 three month segments so maybe you could tag along for the first course. PS I am jealous, I read a lot of books about these sort of scenarios!
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