Why is this item suddenly appearing in Yahoo Mail?
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All of a sudden a little link thing pops up in the lower left corner every time I open Yahoo mail. It has a brown background and has links to Yahoo Mail and Y! Confidential. It also has button links with a megaphone symbol and a bug symbol. What is it? Can I get rid of it? It happens in both Chrome and Firefox.
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First, make sure your virus protection service is up-to-date and running scans regularly. If it hasn't been updated in awhile, or you haven't ran a full scan for more than a few days, it may be too late. Of course, it might not be a viral program, but it sure sounds like one. Generally, if it's annoying, I regard it as viral. Look into how to reboot your system (pc) to factory defaults. I do it to my system monthly just to "wipe" the slate clean.
If you can't bring yourself to do this, then try checking if it's something you can uninstall via control panel.This is a relatively simple problem to fix. If you don't understand everything I've said thus far, google (search) what you didn't understand. I would move swiftly, if it were me! Good luck!
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Post a screenshot on imgur?
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