Where to Lounge after the Meyerhoff?
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Hey Baltimore Mefites! I need your recommendations for a chill place to grab a drink after a show at the Meyerhoff.

I'm going to the early Jon Stewart show at the Meyerhoff in Baltimore on Friday. I'd like to find a place to grab a drink or two afterwards. Looking for a chill loungey vibe, nothing too loud or dancey, no meat markets, not too grungey. I'd also prefer something walkable, but I'm fine with driving and parking to get to the right place.
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Mari Luna Bistro might have what you are looking for. Located very close to the Meyerhoff.
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How about The Brewer's Art? Walking distance from the Meyerhoff, nice vibe, fab selection of beers and other spirits...
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I came to also recommend Brewer's Art, especially the downstairs bar, but it can get pretty packed on Friday nights so be warned. If it's too busy I'd hop over to The Owl Bar which is on the first floor of The Belvedere.
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I'd recommend the Brewer's Art. Dionysus, over on Preston, is less crowded, and where locals go.
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Mari Luna has a nice little bar attached, and it's directly across the street. It also has a club downstairs, but I've never seen much going on in that space. Other nearby bar/food options include City Cafe, XS, and the newly renovated 13th Floor.

Or you could try Alladin Kabob, which has great food and and a nice bar area and "VIP lounge" (with multicolor rotating lights!) but is usually empty. I'm not sure how that place stays open, honestly, unless its customers all eat takeout.

All of these options are within a few blocks of the Meyerhoff.
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