Where can I see flowering trees in the Bay Area?
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Cherry and plum trees are blooming in the Bay Area right now. Where are some amazing places to see them? I am interested in both volume and variety of trees.

Can you recommend gardens or historic sites or public plantings with particularly interesting varieties? Or a place that's OMG pink with petals right now?

I know about the Cherry Blossom Festival, and I'm looking for a more botanical than cultural experience.

Ideally, I'm looking for places to go this weekend. I'm on the Peninsula, but am willing to travel.

Bonus points for a working farm with a real orchard that's fun to visit with a little kid.
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There are also magnolias in bloom at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. They are OMG pink with BIG petals.
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Response by poster: I will also accept amazing magnolias.
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Maybe visit a cherry orchard. Here's one in the East Bay, and there are probably still some left somewhere in the Peninsula or South Bay...
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The very top of Mountain View cemetery in Oakland has a long row of plum trees. I know it sounds weird/creepy, but the view is amazing.
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There are tons of Almond orchards along I5.... Hundreds of acres. My mom just emailed me yesterday and said the ones in her backyard are in full swing, so now should be good. Its a stunning sight ...a sea of them, but it is industrial ag rather than a smaller family farm that might do PYO in summer or something. Try FarmPlate or LocalHarvest for listings of family friendly orchards too. There are also lots of apple orchards in Sonoma.
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