How to find short but not too short term accommodations in Iowa City?
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I'll be in Iowa City from March 25 to the end of April. I'll need a place to stay for a month and a week. Do you all have craigslist out there? If not, what are the best resources for finding lodging for this duration at something more like rental rates than hotel rates? Thanks!
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Airbnb? There are some places on airbnb that will offer you decent rates for medium term stays like this. Maybe VRBO would be another alternate?
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What's VRBO?
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If you're going there for any kind of academic reasons related to the University of Iowa (scholar? researcher?), you might be able to finagle short-term housing through the university.

There are a number of ads in the sublease section of the IC Craigslist page right now that start in March, but it's unlikely they'd be looking for someone to take the place for only one month (more likely they want someone till the end of July, which is when leases usually end out there). But maybe if you found someone who really needs a taker, they'd be willing to negotiate?
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Vacation Rental By Owner.
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What about an extended-stay hotel?
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I'm an Iowa Citian, feel free to memail me if you need a couch to sleep on for a few days or people to hang out with. If you are open to sleeping on multiple stranger's couches over the course of the stay you could always try couch surfing.
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I'm also in Iowa City-- there are a few of us around, you could plan a meetup!

I might be able to lend you a couch for a few days, too, if you have a weekend or some small space of time in between couch surfing.

If you want actual stable lodging, there's at least two long-stay motels/hotels. The one I was able to find online is the Suburban Extended Stay but there's also one on highway 6 that I can't remember the name of... Hawkeye Lodge, or something?

AHA Iowa Lodge (that links to their google plus page, I can't find their website). That's definitely the cheapest one in town, AND I've had a friend stay there and he said it was fine if not the best accommodations ever.

Also, yes, is alive and well, although just as flakey as craigslist anywhere, it seems.

Feel free to meMail me if you'd like someone in town to take pictures or ask about rates or whatever, or for meetup purposes.
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Thanks for the offers! I found a place to rent for my entire stay. I'll definitely organize a meetup though:)
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I posted a meetup proposal!
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