Where can I find these rocketship glasses from Target?
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Last summer, my partner was in Pittsburgh, and at a Target store she bought two plastic rocketship glasses, pictured here. Where can we get more?

She would like to drink all the things (or at least more things) out of these glasses and therefore would like more of them. Target customer service couldn't help us (at least, not via Twitter) because we don't have any sort of information they could look this up by. I know this is a long shot, but can you help out?
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I think those were part of the Curiosity Shoppe promotion at Target. You can try ebay or etsy or see if the actual designers have any ideas.
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Response by poster: Nothing on ebay, but at least that gives me something to look for!

It's a shame I didn't post this a couple weeks ago, because I could actually stop at the Curiosity Shoppe's store on the way home, except it looks like they closed on February 17.
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this is going to do nothing but out me as a freakishly frequent target shopper. BUT, i don't think those are part of the curiosity shoppe line - most of the curiosity shoppe line was glass or ceramic. i own a fair amount of the CS line because i like whales and spacemen. i also don't see anything that matches that description in their lookbook.

i'm about 80 percent sure i saw those as part of kids dinnerware. the problem with target is that they do overhauls of a large amount of their decorative merchandise every 3-6 months or so. (note: this is not a problem for those of us who like target clearance).

this means that there's a pretty good chance these glasses no longer exist in a store. on the plus side, they do sometimes have rocket ship merchandise for sale in the kids section of the kitchen area. just keep an eye out.
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1) Anything on the bottom of the glasses?

2) Do you remember the month of purchase?

3) Is it the rockets she likes, or the glasses themselves? Here are two cute rocket ship glasses.
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I think I agree with kerning. We have a kid's divided plate with the same rocket motif that we got at Target sometime around last summer.
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I live very close to a Target in Pittsburgh and go pretty regularly. I will keep an eye out for clearance merchandise/children's cups. Was it the one in East Liberty?
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