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I'm having a really hard time finding a reputable mortgage broker. The property is in Boston, MA, but I'm willing to work with someone in another state. The most important thing is that they're not slimy or condescending. Can you recommend someone in my area? Anyone to avoid?
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I've had a good experience with Rob Veneziano of Greenpark Mortgage (this was for a refinance).
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I've done a mortgage and a couple of refinances over the years with Joe Cooper at Monument Mortgage and been really happy with him.
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I just refinanced with Mortgage Masters in Newton - they are fantastic!
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I know Chris Smith of Capstone Mortgage in Lexington socially and she's totally legit; I've heard good things about her business too, although I haven't worked with her personally.
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Donna McKeown at Prospect Mortgage came recommended by my CFP, and she's been straightforward, responsive, helpful, and proactive. I haven't bitten the bullet yet, but so far I've been happy.
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