Quiet venue for a Wednesday night date in Tempe?
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I asked out a cute person, and he said yes, but... where do I want to go tomorrow night? Looking for someplace quietish (not too crowded, quiet enough so we don't have to yell at each other, and could maybe play a game of Scrabble), pretty casual (not overly-romantic), and pretty cheap. Could just be a drink or coffee, doesn't have to be a restaurant.
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Solo Cafe would be perfect. Don't know their Wednesday hours but I imagine they are open late for the student crowd.
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Are you looking for any particular kind of cuisine, specifically?
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Nope, not picky, just looking for a laid-back vibe.
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Maybe the Cornish Pasty Co? Their Tempe location was recently expanded; I haven't been there since then but it's always been nice and calm inside, they're open until midnight and you can have a nice meal for under $10/each if you want food—or share, since the pasties are big enough for two—and they have a nice beer selection.
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I came here to say Cornish Pasty Co., too but thesocietyfor beat me to it. Great food, cheap drinks, cozy tables for two.
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An old-timey fun thing could be to go to the bar at Monti's La Casa Vieja and order old-school drinks. Brandy Alexanders, Rob Roy's, etc.

Back in the day it was MinderBinders for .25 shots (WAY back in the day)
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Three Roots is a cafe. Really cozy environment, and they offer some food.

The Blue Nile is an Ethiopian restaurant. They're quiet, and the food is tasty. I get the distinct impression, when I go there, that you could sit and play Scrabble for hours without the waitstaff realizing or caring. (I always suggest The Blue Nile, though, because I love there food!)

Dragonfly Vietnamese Kitchen sometimes has music -- in which case, they're not quiet. But when there isn't music, they're quiet. I like their ambiance.

Best Hong Kong Dining, in the same complex as Dragonfly, has amazing Chinese food. They are probably as far away from romantic dining as you can get without going to a fast food place.
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Three Roots is a good choice, too!
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Nthing 3 roots. They have games and don't mind if you stay for a while.
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Yelp says Three Roots is closed :(, but I appreciate all the suggestions. Hopefully, we'll have more than one date to try them all!
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