Book on Papal History (on Kindle)
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Can you recommend a good book on papal history that is solid on facts and theology, honest about blemishes, but doesn't revel in scandal? Oh, and I hope I can find it in a Kindle version.

I've reviewed this ask, but the two best-looking-to-me options there (Eerdman's Handbook to the History of Christianity and Eamon Duffy's Saints and Sinners) are not available on Kindle. I really want a Kindle version. Any length is fine, scholarly is fine as long as it's readable to a non-specialist. Thanks!
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You might like John Julius Norwich's Absolute Monarchs. A bit more of a popular history, but still pretty comprehensive.
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I haven't read it, but O'Malley is a well respected church historian. Any book by him will have critical elements, but not be polemical in either direction.
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Seconding Norwich's Absolute Monarchs.
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You're right, Duffy's Saints and Sinners is not available as an e-book, but his Ten Popes Who Shook the World is.
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Seconding Saints and Sinners but, if you can't get it, Ten Popes.
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The Papacy: A Brief History by James Corbett is very good.
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