Is there a service like ReadItLater/Instapaper for videos?
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On the heels of my request for lectures, are there any services out there that would let me queue up videos and then download them to my phone, Instapaper style, for watching on the train?
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Pocket will let you add video links to your reading list, but I don't think it caches a local copy.

What type of phone are you using? iPhone/Android/Windows Phone?
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@smitt, it's an iPhone. I have wireless data on my phone, but it's only 500 megs a month. Streaming videos will eat that up real quick.
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Try the Watchlater app. It's currently free, but I think the normal price is 99 cents. You can add videos through a bookmarklet, through emailing a link, or by automatically pulling from Google Reader/Facebook/Twitter feeds. Pretty neato.
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If the videos are on youtube, download them and load them into itunes, then sync on your phone.
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I use the ItunesU app to download lectures and watch them on my Iphone. The course manager software is pretty nice and you can choose which videos you want stored locally on your phone.
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I usually just use YouTube's "Watch It Later" function. When you first come upon a video, look in the lower right hand corner for what looks like the face of a clock. Click on it. It will add it to your Queue which you can then access via your YouTube app on your iPhone.
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I use Watchlater! Very happy with it.
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Yeah, somehow I forgot to mention that Watchlater does exactly what you want: cache videos locally to your phone.
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