A good place to work remotely in Las Vegas?
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I have to go down to Las Vegas for a tradeshow at the Wynn, but the first two days I have a LOT of downtime. There's not a lot I'm interested seeing in Las Vegas, but I do have a fair amount of work I need to get done. Is there a nice or interesting place to squat and get work done? The Las Vegas equivalent of a nice coffee shop for remote workers?

Natural light would be ideal. Overlooking a pool? Even better! Getting away from the stupid casino jingling and jangling is a near-necessity. Cabbing it somewhere nearby is fine, as is a long walk from the Wynn. Wifi would be swell, but I can tether. Basically, I hate getting cooped up in hotel rooms, but I *really* loathe the casino scene.
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When I want some downtime from the strip I like to visit The Beat Coffeehouse in Old Vegas/Downtown. Relaxed/chill atmosphere, they spin vinyl records for background music and the food and coffee is pretty good. And free wi-fi. It's still close to the older casinos but it's a more relaxed vibe than the strip.
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The Clark County Library is a cab ride away (or an hour walk if you like to punish yourself in the heat) and offers the wifi but not the pool.
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I think the Wynn has a nice golf course - i've never been there (or golfing for that matter), but I imagine that near the clubhouse there might be some outdoor benches or something.

don't know if there would be wifi though.
enjoy your stay and the warm weather!
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