How do you occupy your time with a migraine?
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I've been having a lot of migraines lately, and in the grand scheme of things, I'm dealing. However, the photophobia is driving me crazy, mostly because sitting around in the dark is boring. How do you spend your time when you can't use lights?

Sometimes I can tolerate enough light to read or play on my computer. Other times its just laying around, which isn't good for keeping one's mind off of things, or overall productivity levels. Other than some basic cleaning, I'm stumped.
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Maybe a shower or bath? That usually helps when I have a really bad headache, and it's a nice way to waste half an hour anyway.
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Listen to a Movie. (Or TV)
Pamper my feet and hands with soaks, lotions and stuff.
Stretch on a yoga ball.
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Ugh, I hate that part of a migraine, so boring, especially for the super migraines that last a long time. I usually catch up on my podcasts or listen to an audio book. I can't read for very long, but I can lie there and listen to someone reading.
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Learn Braille?
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Listen to podcasts? Books on tape?
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Hot shower. Drink something with caffeine (if that isn't a trigger). Sleep (enough blankets and I always sleep). If I'm lucky they're ocular only. Those are just annoying.
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I could never deal with music, cause it exacerbated the migraines, but listening to spoken word stuff would be good, like podcasts.
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I've been recovering from a brain injury (large symptom overlap with migraines, let me assure you) and asked this question just today - you might find it useful!
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I only get migraines where the pain is so all encompassing that this question totally baffled me at first. You mean you can have a migraine & have a functional brain that wants to be entertained at the same time?

I am somewhat joking but I really don't get the types of migraines where I'd be capable of wanting to be entertained. That said, upatree's suggestion to listen to audiobooks or podcasts sounds like a good way to avoid light but distract yourself. Maybe listening to music, or calling a friend or relative and talking to them would work as well.
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Nthing audio books, podcasts, or NPR. These also help me sleep in non-migraine situations.
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I have to deal with a few days of fever and headache every month as a side effect to my cancer treatment. I find that at it's worst, I can't handle listening to long podcasts or movies. My favourite things to listen to are short stories -- Selected Shorts podcast is a great one -- because I can usually listen for 20 minutes or so before needing to take a break. I've spent the last two days "catching up" with Parks and Recreation by listening to it.

Generally, though, when I'm feeling really terrible and the headaches are at their worst, I'm more likely to put on a meditation podcast or whisper videos to calm myself down/put me to sleep while I'm riding it out.
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I usually just daydream until I fall asleep. Mentally redecorate my house, debate France vs. Italy for a vacation, try to decide what's the best movie I've seen in the last year, etc. The most useful thing I do is plan meals for the coming week, but it only works because I don't really need to reference my cookbooks anymore for ideas.
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I came to recommend audio books, but I see I'm not the first so here's a tip instead. I only just discovered that my local library offers audio books that I can check out and download directly from their website onto my smartphone. Just download the app, pick the right format for your phone, and pick a book to download. Voila, instant audio entertainment!
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Listen to biofeedback tracks or a binaural beats app or Terry Gross or something else relatively soothing.

Get an ice head wrap and cinch that sucker nice and tight. The tension and cold really help with the throbbing nerves.
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Sleep. All I can do is sleep.
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I like to listen to the police scanner if I don't have any podcasts to catch up on. I use the Scanner Radio app for my Android and headphones.
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I can knit, sometimes. You'll have to learn when you're feeling ok, but I was able to knit in minimal light not long after I started knitting. Stick to simple things--scarves, hats, basic socks. I've made my whole family holiday gifts like this!
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Dunno if you're a sports fan, but for about $20/year, you can listen to all the baseball you want. I use it to pass the time at work.
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Podcasts. BBC radio on stream. CBC radio on stream. NPR.
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I also suffer from migraines, and I have some really nice wrap around sunglasses for when I can't stand the light but I need to deal with life anyway. They help, they help a lot. If it's so bad that I need to sit in a dark room with no sound, it's nothing but sleep for me because anything I do is gonna hurt.
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Could you use dictation software to write?
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Wrap around sunglasses--both indoors and out--are your friends. In addition, get used to closing the blinds or curtains, dimming or turning off the lights, and living in a state of semidarkness. Reduce the illumination level of your computer's display to the absolute minimum required to read or watch videos.

The trick is to make your environment as dark as possible at the migraine's onset, then introduce light in small amounts (in the form of your monitor's display, and so on) until you find your sweet spot of tolerance.
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Curl in a ball and pull the covers over my head, whimpering in pain. Anything more --- listening to music/audio/whatever, reading, any kind of concentrating --- just makes it worse.
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I dim the screen as low as it will go and play videogames. I can achieve complete facial relaxation in a way that reading books or looking at anything else prevents.

I call my mom. She's retired and talks forever.

I listen to podcasts.

I give up, get off, and let that pull me into sleep.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "in the grand scheme of things I'm dealing" and I know migraines can be difficult to treat, but there are actually a lot of options for treating migraines so on the off chance that you haven't addressed this problem with your doctor I'd encourage you to. See this recent AskMe for more information on what to expect when you bring this up with a doctor and what treatment options exist.

Unless there is some more complex medical issue involved there's no reason to just suffer through migraines when treatment is possible!
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I can't listen to anything but Gregorian chant when I have a migraine. Something about deep voices droning soothes my piercing brain.
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It depends on the severity; many times, I can only lie there for a few days and wait for the pain to subside. However, I had a mild migraine this weekend and was able to knit (short spurts at a time) and watch tv with low volume. I can't read with a migraine, as it makes me nauseated, but tv is ok in small doses. I am generally not sensitive to light or sound during a migraine, though, so ymmv.

There are a few options for migraines; medication is pretty effective (I can't take it for other reasons). Have you talked to your doctor about your headaches?
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