Do you know of a lifeguarded beach in North Carolina?
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We're considering a family vacation at one of those mondo multi family homes at the shore in North Carolina, but would prefer a lifeguarded beach. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I should think Kitty Hawk might be good for this, but the best thing might be to just phone a rental company and tell them you want to rent a house near such a beach. (Memail me if you'd like the name of a rental company I've used a few times, and been quite pleased with.)

A lot of the bigger rental places are on or very near the water, so you might want to consider that when renting. Anything listed as oceanfront or soundfront will be right on the water; oceanside or soundside will be maybe one house back but still very close.
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There's a life guard on Atlantic Beach (near Morehead City).
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Wrightsville Beach has lifeguards in the summer.
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Anywhere in OBX (kitty hawk, kill devil hills, nags head) there are life guarded beaches. We stay usually around mp 6.5-7 in KDH and the only time there isn't a lifeguard on duty is at night or when a hurricane threatens.
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Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches both have lifeguards and ocean rescue teams.
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Not every section of OBX has publicly-provided lifeguards. We stay at MP 7.5, and the main lifeguard station (on the Beach Road) is at ~MP 8, so I'd use that as your guide. They are generally there from 10am-5pm. There are about 2-4 kids on 4-wheelers going up and down the beach checking on each lifeguard "chair." They appear to be fairly well-trained.

Be aware that (GENERALLY) the sections of OBX that have the "mondo multi family homes" rarely have lifeguards.
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