Please help me with my Ableton recording tracks.
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Please help me route my Ableton tracks.

I'm using a Lexicon Lambda interface with three inputs. One is for guitar. The other two are for microphones, two people singing, one in each.

They're all recording together into one audio track. Does it have to be this way? I would like to record the guitar separately into its own track, and the two mics into another track. I don't know how to do this.

I have Ableton 8.0 or 8.1.

Here is a screenshot (For some reason, it's tiny. There should be a larger view "+" thing to click on to make it big. I hope.

Thank you.
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Sorry. I'm only using the track on the far left. The other two tracks are so far irrelevant. I just left them there.
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See where it says audio from and it says channel 1/2? If you have your interface chosen there, you might be able to select different channels. I don't know if your interface actually supports that though. Each track can have a different channel.
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The Lexicon Lambda can only record two inputs at once. If you are trying to record two mics and 1 or more instruments at once, the Lambda will probably just mix the overlapping inputs.
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Oh, also under Ext In, you need to select just channel 1 OR 2. Not 1/2, which is both inputs. If that's not an option, go to Preferences, Audio, and enable the mono tracks under Input Config.
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Can I tag on one little more question? I recorded both mic's into one track, and you can see them both, separately, on that track. One is very faint because the mic is not that great. Is it possible to delete just that one input/mic/line/whatever you call it?
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If you recorded both mics to the same track then no, you can't delete just that one. If they were recorded to separate tracks then just delete the one you don't want.
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You could use Audacity to split the stereo into two mono tracks. I swear there must be a way to do this in Live but I've never really figured it out.
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