Recommendation for travel tracking apps/sites
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Please recommend to me your favourite app/website for tracking all the travel places you have already been to and the places you plan to go to on a map. Would also help if it already has lists like World Heritage sites so that I can just tick the relevant places.
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I use TripAdvisor for leaving reviews of places that I've stayed but I use Dopplr to keep track of where I will be going to see if people are going to be at those places when I am. Realistically I don't think people are using it so much anymore and it never really caught onand I do not see a World Heritage site option. You may find that something like Foursquare and making your own list (or looking to see if someone else has made it) is the best way forward.
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A friend of mine keeps a travel journal via Hostelling Int'l, hosted by Looks like it costs $, though -- I guess the deal is, if you buy a SIM card, or rent a phone through them, you get the travel journal. More info here.
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