Beautiful, high-quality women's shoes for double-wide feet?
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I sometimes read about shoes that look fabulous, are reasonably comfortable, and that (with proper care) can last for many years. Although they may be expensive, their durability make up for it. I want shoes like this.

My feet measure in at an 8WW. I can occasionally fit into an 8.5W, but that's usually not very comfortable.

I currently wear shoes from Naturalizer, Softspots and Clarks (as these are the only ones I've found that make WW shoes with non-"comfort" looks). However, these brands tend to run quite cheap and flimsy, and usually don't last longer than a season or two. I would love to pay more (say, up to $300) for a pair of high-quality shoes that fit and look great.

Other factors:
1. I live in NYC, so walking is unavoidable.
2. I'm tall, so can't really do high heels. I find most flats too flimsy, implying that a heel of an inch or so might be preferable. I could do up to two inches with wedges or similar.
3. I want shoes that look feminine and professional (e.g., nothing that looks like male oxfords, no combat boots, nothing athletic, no "comfort shoes").
4. I prefer shoes with a leather upper.

Given that I have browsed the WW/E selections on Zappos and Footsmart in great detail, I would love to hear about alternative sources for wide, beautiful and high-quality shoes. Perhaps there are independent brands that are not sold through major retailers? Or wide shoes "hidden" under regular sizes in brands that just happen to run very wide?

Thanks a lot!
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For that kind of money you could get bespoke. Is that something you'd consider?
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I have 6.5WW feet and have had some success with Miz Mooz boots.
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I'd recommend a browse through the Barking Dog Shoe Blog. She reviews a variety of comfortable (but stylish) shoes, including high-end lines in the price ranges you're talking about. I've found a couple of very comfortable lines for my hard-to-fit feet through that blog.

The multiple width shoes category might be especially helpful to you.
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There are some well-made European brands that do WW. Theresia M is one. I don't know where you can find it online; I got mine at a local store that specializes in hard-to-find sizes.

Munro American has excellent quality, though many of the styles are basic/classic, but it's a great place to get, say, well-made ballet flats or sandals.

Ros Hommerson is great for boots and simple pumps; the quality is better than Clarks, and the prices are lower.

I haven't been able to find a wide-width equivalent of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos---the highest-quality shoes I have are some Bally and Ferragamo, but they only go to C width, which probably wouldn't work for you.
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Best answer: In NYC there is a shoe store called Eneslow. The first time I went they really helped me find some Zieras that I loved so much, I went back and got another pair the next time I was in NYC. I often wear WW, but the Zieras have enough arch support and maybe run a bit wide so I am only W in them.

The first guy (named Abdoulaye) who helped me out was great, but the second time I came in they were more busy, and the guy helping me wasn't so useful. But it could be a good place to try on a few different pairs all at once, and they might have some good suggestions for other shoes to fit your needs.
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I have wide feet and my go-to quality shoe brands are Camper and Fluevog.
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I don't think most Camper or Fluevog styles are going to work for most E-width feet. I love them both as a C-width person, but there doesn't seem to be width to spare in the styles I have (and some styles, especially in Fluevog, are too narrow for me).

Aravon are slightly better made than Clarks these days, at about the same price point. Beautifeel is another brand at that price point that I've had good luck with.
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Best answer: Would any of the options from Duo work for you? I'm not sure of the UK size conversion, so apologies if they're much too narrow.
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I wear (wide! comfy!) SAS sandals in the summer and each pair has lasted ~3-4 years with very heavy use.
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United Nude may have something for you. They are fabulous, beautifully made, and many designs run wide. Spendy, but worth every penny. The Eamz shoe is the most comfortable heel you will ever find.

Trippen, if you can find them, make gorgeous quirky-casual designs in hard-wearing full-grain leather that fit even the boniest plates of meat.

And widths at Camper vary with design, so you should be able to find a model to fit a D-E. They wear very well too.
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I have 10WW feet and have found that Waldlaufer makes some very nice shoes and boots that I regularly wear to work.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the responses!

I am definitely going to check out Eneslow as they seem to carry some of the more obscure European brands. If I have time, I will also drop by the Fluevog and Camper stores to check those out.

I just had to mark the Duo shoes as they are lovely. If nothing of the above works out, I might try ordering some of those!
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