What brand of toilet paper doesn't leave bits stuck to your bits?
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I tend to end up with little bits of rolled up toilet paper stuck to my labia after I wipe. I have to try to pick them all off by hand after nearly every time I pee, and I'm always afraid I may have missed some. What brand(s) of toilet paper can I buy that're sturdy enough to avoid this problem?
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Go for the cheapo brands - I like the basic Scott rolls. All the fancy "quilted" or "super soft" or "like a blanket on your bum" fancy styles always leave annoying lint.
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The Scott Tissue 1000-sheets-per-roll kind, or any of its generic equivalents.
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You could also try flushable wipes. They're sturdy enough.
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Seconding flushable wipes. I converted from TP a few years ago and cannot imagine going back. Data point: the Costco brand (Kirkland) sucks, don't waste your time or money.
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Be cautious with flushable wipes if your ladyparts are at all prone to irritation. Most of them have a scent added to the long list of ingredients. Also, Consumer Reports recommends that wipes should go in the trash instead of the toilet because of plumbing issues - Google "softball plumbing clogs" if you're really really brave.
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You're wiping wrong. Try blotting, not rubbing.
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Many brands of flushable wipes have ingredients that are a yeast infection waiting to happen--particularly glycerin. Keep an eye out for that.

I'm a fan of Trader Joe's house brand of toilet paper for this issue. FWIW, I have had this problem with Cottonelle.

Also, try widening your stance (insert your own Larry Craig joke here). It's harder for lint to get stuck in the crevices if they aren't so narrow.
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The 1000-sheet per roll TPs are also considerably less expensive to use, especially when you consider it's not all that uncommon to find toilet paper that is only about 170 sheets per roll.

Which would you rather have: a package of 4 rolls x 170 sheets per roll at $2? Or one big roll of a thousand sheets, usually at well under a dollar if you buy non-brand?
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Nthing Cottonelle - the double roll size. (triple seems too thick and cumbersome IMO).
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Yeah, change your technique. Dab gently instead of swiping or rubbing and you'll cut down on the bit-sticking.
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Seconding (thirding?) Scott tissue 1000 sheets a roll kind.
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I hate that! I use the Charmin Ultra Strong stuff and it works... ok. Better than most, anyway. I've also found that how you use the toilet paper makes a difference. When I fold it nicely before using it I have much better results than when I kind of ball it up.
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Definitely wipe more gently, or dab only. That will solve most of the problem. And watch out for thick toilet paper and flushable wipes if you have older plumbing. Those things simply do not work in my (old) house.
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Seconding Trader Joe's house brand. I have very sensitive and persnickety bits, most tp is too lint-y, or the softeners or chemical bleach irritates my skin. Same thing with the wipes, can't use them regularly (the burning!)
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I use Costco's brand - and have never had this problem.
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I swear by Charmin Ultra strong. I'm a dabber--a very gentle dabbler!--and I still get linty lady parts. Also, frankly, sometimes dabbing isn't going to get the job done. I hate bits!

Although, I will say, that I recently got a free sample roll of Cottonelle, and it was pretty good, too. It's almost half the price, even less if it's on sale, so I just bought a pack for further comparison.
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This rather disturbing commercial claims that Charmin ultra strong is lint free.
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If you live near a Target, their house brand Up & Up is very good. IIRC, it is a top performer on Consumer Reports, too.
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I came in to warn you about Cottonelle. I've had bad bad experiences with it. I trust Charmin Ultra.
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You'd never have this problem with San Izal! Admittedly you'd have several other, more pressing problems, but not this one!

FWIW I agree with those who think your problem is stance/technique rather than product.
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Had the same problem- Charmin Ultra is awesome!
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I grew up in a home where we used the fancy fluffy rolls of TP, and I always had this problem too. Then, I got a 14-hour a day job which (unrelated) cured me of my "going in a public restroom" anxiety.

That place used the industrial equivalent of "cheap" toilet paper, and viola! No more linty bits. I wholeheartedly +1 whatever super basic TP you can find (which for me is Scott 1,000 sheet roll, or CVS's generic equivalent, I think they call it Earth Balance). Both Scott and the CVS brand are on sale at least once a month at CVS, I've gotten them on sale in a 12-pack for around $0.60 - $0.80 a roll. Bonus! Those 1,000 sheet rolls last FOREVER.
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