Sign Painting Class/Resources in Portland, OR?
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Since learning to sign paint is one of my biggest dreams, what's the best way to get some on-the-ground instruction here in the Pacific Northwest? I have a great library of resource books for traditional sign design and showcard layout, but I really want to take a basic hands-on class/tutorial that will teach me the nitty gritty of equipment and process.

I love handlettering in general, but I know from my calligraphy classes that knowing your tools and being around a professional is one of the most valuable resources for learning stuff like this. If I can't find anything here, I'll probably just shell out the $300 for New Bohemia's upcoming spring classes in San Francisco, but I'm finding it hard to believe that Portland doesn't have something like this.
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Ha! The lack of answers here only reassures me that signing up for one of the classes at New Bohemia was exactly the right move.
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I'm a signwriter. I learned my skills twenty years ago by working for a more experienced signwriter. Traditionally, in my part of the world, that's how people learn this stuff. Doesn't answer your question, but you might find it interesting.

Good luck!
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Based on a previous AskMe, this past summer we went to the American Sign Museum. They have a fantastic collection of vintage sign painters' kits, tools, paint and books. Here are some of my photos - you might want to see if any of the books or manuals are still around?

If it's interesting to you, here are a few articles on a beloved local sign painter. There are a few references in them, on materials used and how they learned.

I like sign painting - we had a unit on it in my high school art class (1985/6) and it was one of my favourites.
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The latest episode of 99% Invisible is about hand-painted signs.
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Thanks for the additional info, folks! I'll be digging into these resources as I eagerly await my upcoming class.
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