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Are there any online retailers of snack foods (cookies, candy, pretzels) that will deliver to Norway? I don't understand customs regulations very well, but I think these may have to be stores actually in Norway. I would be paying with a US credit card and am willing to muddle about the site with Google translate and squinting at the pictures.
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Did you check ebay & amazon? You'll probably be able to get some US stuff via a UK store that sells on those sites.
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Best answer: RettHjem delivers groceries etc (mainly in the Oslo area). Euroflorist offers chocolate as an extra option to be delivered with flowers. GoodCandy has a large selection of candy and snacks, delivered by mail.

If you use Amazon or other retailers outside Norway, please note that if the value is less than NOK 200,-, freight not included, it's tax free and free from customs duty.
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Response by poster: Perfect, GoodCandy looks like exactly what I'm looking for. I'm even willing to dig out my old PayPal account for it :)

I did already check, but when I go to check out their grocery items, I'm told that they're not available for delivery to the address I entered.

Thanks so much!
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