Getting back into film in LOUISIANA!
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How do I get on film crews in Louisiana. Lots of experience. Know basically no one.

I moved to southern Louisiana to do more work in film after working for a very long time on theater tours. I did a number of small films in NYC and got on those crews via craigslist, mandy and word of mouth. I know about the meet up group in Lafayette and the New Orleans film office, but where do the little indie films/college kids hire people? Also - I'm in IATSE, working on transferring into the local there. I do wardrobe - if it matters.

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If you're a wardrobe stylist, do you ONLY want to work on film productions or will you be willing work on photo jobs as well? If you're flexible about the type of work, then I'd suggest checking out You'll certainly have to wade through plenty of crap, just like craigslist but there's certainly a ton of people looking for others to work with/for.
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check your memail.
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Are you willing to ONLY do wardrobe? Most productions I've worked on with Southern Louisiana location (a LOT of them) are reality and none of them used wardrobe, but, most of them used PAs that would specialize in wardrobe and the shows that used wardrobe were traveling from other places and brought their own wardrobe person.
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If you're a member of IA in a different state, contact the local Local IA office/website and see what their policy is regarding membership transfers.

They may want you to be a permittee first, ie: starting from scratch. Members have priority, but if it's busy, permittees work too, you can be bumped by a Member. Get on that permittee list!

In my Local (873), wardrobe is busy as hell, lots of hours!

Regarding indie productions, craigslist, but the pay...well, varies. Heh.
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I am happy to do anything - but almost all of my experience is in wardrobe and wigs. I'm a pretty useful person. Thanks!!!
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