How can I find a good home for my cat in NYC?
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My family and I were "displaced" by hurricane sandy. We were without a place to live for 10-11 weeks. We finally have a place to live and it's going ok, but we need to find a home for one of our cats because he can't stay with us. It's sad, but we need to find him a good home. How do you do that? He's the sweetest cutest thing. I can't have him be in one of those cages. However I really need to find him a home fast. I'm freaking out about this an don't know what to do. Please help.

I'll post pics later. Right now I'm on my phone at 4:30 in the morning trying to figure out what to do.
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I can't guarantee, but I know some people in Manhattan who may be ameniable.

What is the age of your beloved cat? Does he have health issues? Special requirements?

Pics are welcome!
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Some nyc cat rescue groups who list on petfinder may be willing to do a "courtesy listing" of your cat even without taking him into their network officially. Anyway, they are the people who will know what your options are - you might try giving such a group a call. Even if they can't give your cat a home they are generally full of people who are also invested in seeing a sweet little cat find a good home.
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Here's a picture of my cat, seymour. He's about three years old, fixed with no known health issues.
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Have you posted on facebook/social media, and asked your friends to repost? Mass-emailed contacts you know in NY? That's always how I've found homes for kitties.

As last resorts, there's craigslist, where you can post a listing and interview the person to make sure they'll be giving your seymour a happy, loving home. Also, I know you don't want him in a cage, but as a last last resort, North Shore Animal League does not euthanize, though I believe it's fairly difficult to get them to take adult cats. Maybe others in the thread know more about that.

Best of luck!
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I sent a MeMail thingy to you. It has the contact information for a woman who can either help, or will certainly point you in the right direction.
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I would try the social media route, but none of us use facebook. I'll try emailing everyone I know to see if someone I know knows someone. Unfortunately, we run in a very, very small circle.
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I'd be happy to post this to my Facebook page. If you'd like to send me a contact number, I can either post it to Facebook or pass it along privately to anyone who is is interested.

Is Seymour good with kids? Dogs? Other cats?
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In addition to the contact I sent, I just remembered two other possibilities. Both are "no kill" shelters.

On Long Island, is the North Shore Animal League. They are one of the largest no kill adoption agencies in the country. They may or may not take him, but they gave me some leads when they told me they had no space for my cats.

The other is in Elmsford in Westchester County. It is called Pets Alive Westchester. I think if you tell them the reason for needing to rehome seymour, they will be sympathetic. I visited and the cats were not in cages. They were in a huge room with climbing things and they actually looked relatively contented and peaceful while showing off for the visitors. The shelter claimed not a long time between intake and adoption.

Every place I contacted, was willing to give me leads when they claimed no space for mine. It is worth calling. I am not sure if you are anywhere near Westchester or are on LI or the Shore area, but it may be worth the call.

And one google search term I used was "rehome cats" plus my town.
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I sent you another memail thingy. I gave you the incorrect spelling the first time. There are TWO K's in the address one where you would expect a C. Check memail for the correct contact info please.
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