I filed an incomplete tax return by accident
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I did not file US taxes in 2011 because I thought I didn't owe. I just got a letter saying I did need to file, so I rushed around to do this and now I have filed. Unfortunately, I just found a document that I should have included - a K1 form. My deadline for filing is February 27; it will be virtually impossible to refile by then. I can easily get this refiled in a couple of weeks though. What should I do?
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That should have read that I did not file taxes for the year 2011, which I should have filed in 2012.
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You should file what you have before the Feb 27 deadline and then amend the return, from what I know. Have you called the IRS helpline yet (assuming you are in US)?
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Call the IRS. They will tell you what to do.
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You've filed already by the deadline, so I think what you need to do is file an amended return once you've gotten the stuff ready. You'll be liable for any additional tax should it be due, plus a penalty and interest, but if there was no additional tax, and your original return was filed in good faith (meaning you had forgotten about the K1 form), I don't think there will be a problem. I'm neither a lawyer nor an accountant, though; it's probably best to call the IRS.
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We made an error in Canada once. Called revenue canada and they have us instructions and file number to send with new documents. Easy! All my worrying was for naught! So nothing just calling IRS. The probably hear it all the time.
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Just call 'em. The IRS is surprisingly reasonable in dealing with people who are trying to do the right thing. They're under no illusions about the ability of the average person to know what the devil is going on with the tax code.
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Thanks very much for the answers. Does anyone know if a friend can call for me?
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Former IRS Tax Examiner. This is my opinion, and not the opinion of the service.

What you want to do is file a Form 1040X, an amended tax return for the tax year in question. "Found additional information needed in order to file a complete return" is a completely legitimate reason for amending a return.

No, a friend can not call for you unless you authorize that friend to speak to the IRS about your taxes by filing a Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative.

In the (IMHO unlikely) event you are charged a penalty (Failure to File, maybe Failure to Pay if you owed tax) and interest, I would write a letter asking for abatement of the penalties, especially if this is your first time filing late. "Taxpayer thought they had filed, but inadvertently forgot to file their return for the tax year in question" would be the reason. The IRS would not consider abating the interest in a case like this because the IRS will only abate interest in the case of ministerial acts of the IRS.
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