Brick and mortar stores that carry best friend necklaces for two?
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One of my closest friends is moving away, like tomorrow. I'd like to get her one of those silly heart necklaces that split in half, one for each friend. No time to order online. I have all day tomorrow, but don't really want a wild goose chase. If I can find such a thing, I would like to spend about 50 bucks., but I'm not firm about that Anybody?
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Uh, sent from my iPad. Ick, punctuation.
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How "silly" are we talking? Because you can get a whole variety of those at Claire's which is in every mall.
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Claire's was my first thought, too, but I've never seen one in New York. In Manhattan, So Good Jewelry might have them (they are a gaudy and inexpensive costume jewelry emporium).
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Oh yeah. Claire's. TONS of them, a lot of which are completely and utterly silly*.

*I have a nearly 13-year-old daughter. I know from Claire's.
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Justice has them, too, if you have one of those in a nearby mall.
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There is apparently a Claire's at South Street Seaport, and one on 86th St. Who knew?
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I just saw one of those at James Avery.
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Came in to say Claire's, and if you have no Claire's near you, then any mall store that caters to tweens. You will not have to pay $50 for this it will be more like $8.
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I was hoping for "silly but grown up." Like, with good type and nice metal. I saw a set exists online at In God We Trust, so they probably have it at the store, but its $200. Ouch.

But! The point is happy tears and tackling hugs, so if all I can find is a real silly one, I'm in! I'll be paying a visit to my local Claire's. (Never thought I'd type that sentence.)
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For a nicer one, it might be worth checking at Brighton, which is basically Claire's for grown up ladies (and also in lots of malls).
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What about matching necklaces instead? Dogeared has tonnes of designs and is pretty affordable.
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Forgot to mention that you can buy them at Nordstrom!
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Maybe you can look at etsy for NYC based shops and pick it up in person? I found this cute set from a Brooklyn-based seller.
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There's a stand-alone Alex and Ani in Soho, and they seem to have counters at a couple Bloomingdale's as well. You can see the addresses at their website by selecting New York. They have these best friends broken heart bracelets.
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WalMart has some, and you can check their site to see which stores have it available.
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If there's a department store, like Nordstrom's, JCP, Macy's, Sears, etc., with a tween section, they should have them in the jewelry section near tweens.
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Totally do the matching necklaces from Dogeared. They are so gorgeous and I have done that with my best girlfriends recently because it just worked so well.
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That Etsy reco was great! The seller happens to have a storefront within a five-minute walk from my house. Thanks so much all. Great suggestions.
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