Vectoring from Cairo to Kinshasa.
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I'd like to produce an offset-print-quality map, modeled after airline flight path maps, which graphically reproduces hundreds of point-to-point connections: in this specific case, between radio transmitters and reception locations. What software is capable of producing some variation on this, perhaps by putting in GPS coordinates? (OS X please.)
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You could create a map using GIS software such as QGIS and export it for printing.
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If you don't have programming knowledge and can at least get the segments into a table of X/Y points, it may be better to leave the heavy lifting to someone else and farm this out as a small job on, especially if you might want to reuse the code later. From a programming standpoint this is a pretty easy job. The only way it would get complicated is if you want the line segments plotted as bezier splines like in the fancy airline route maps.
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I have done something similar using the maps, mapdata and mapproj packages in the (free) statistical software program R. It has a bit of a learning curve, though.
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The MMQGIS plugin for QGIS will do this for you. Load lat/long coordinates in as as a delimited layer and convert it to a shapefile before processing.
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