Project scheduling software with cascading dates
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I need to schedule a lot of sequential tasks that have a set time limit (ie, Task A is allotted one week, Task B one week, Task C three weeks). Unfortunately some of these tasks run over (or occasionally, under) budget on time and I am looking for a program that will easily reassign due dates for all the following tasks when one task falls off the original schedule.

I've looked at a few of the more popular project management programs (like Asana) and they show when something is overdue, but don't automatically move dates down the line to account for the late task. What program will do this? A free program would be best, but I am willing to pay for this function.

Thank you!
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Best answer: Conceptually, the thing you are looking for is probably a Gantt Chart, so search for tools with Gantt chart functionality to figure out the implementation details, i.e., whether they automatically change due dates in the manner you desire.

It also appears there are lots of tips out there for implementing your own Gantt charts in Excel or Vizio if you have a copy of MS Office handy.
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Microsoft project (Expensive) and OpenProject (open source, free, but a little squirrelly) both do this; they are full blown project managers.
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On the commercial side, I'm absolutely sure you can make Microsoft Project do this. The open source OpenProj does it as well. I've also heard really good things about TaskJuggler and GanttProject, but I've not used those personally.
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