Whitewater rafting in West Virginia
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Does anyone have a recommendation for white water rafting excursions in West Virginia. Planning for the upcoming summer, with 2 parents and 4 teens, all beginners, but thrill seekers.
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The Summersville Dam just above the upper put-in on the Gauley River does scheduled releases in September, sending a huge bubble of whitewater down towards the New River Gorge and turning the Gauley into a Class IV/V ride. On Sep 21-23 they release extra water for Gauley Fest.

Also, on Oct 19 there's Bridge Day when people can legally BASE jump from the New River Gorge Bridge which is pretty exciting to watch from 875 feet below!
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North fork of the south branch of the Potomac, near Seneca Rocks , is relatively small, but a good run towards Petersburg. Easy access if you are doing this yourself. And there are lots of other outdoor activities nearby.
For big water & guided service go to the New River Gorge.
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The New is a lot of fun, but I think the Cheat is more scenic and a better trip.
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The Yough is also very fun; it's in MD, but just barely.
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A few years ago, I took a trip with a group using Wildwater Expeditions (Lower Gauley with camping, I believe) and had a great time.
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I've done Lower Gauley (during the release) and New River with an outfit called Class VI. I was very happy with them since they worked out my concerns with my insulin pump swiftly and smartly. Your special needs may vary.
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I've also done the upper New with Class VI, and had a great experience. Class VI was created a few years ago as a merger of 2 older rafting companies, one of which was called Mountain River Tours, and I did the upper New with them too, back in the mid '80's. They do the Gauley as well, but I haven't taken that trip. Evidently the Gauley is more exciting and physically demanding.
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Seconding Wildwater on the New out of Thurmond WV.
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