Camelbak + Vodka + ??? = Raising Money for Charity
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Leaving for the Deep Creek Dunk in a few hours, and I'm looking for mixed drink recommendations to get through standing outside in the cold for 6 hours... special requirements: mixes with Grey Goose (I'm not a huge fan of it, but it was a free bottle, so mixing can overpower the vodka)... is not carbonated thusly cannot go "flat" when sitting for a few hours nor can it get "shaken up" while sloshing around inside a Camelbak for a while... tastes good cold, but doesn't taste bad when it warms up a bit... and is something I can drink through a straw all afternoon. Last year, I mixed a Bay Breeze (Vodka, Cranberry juice & Pineapple juice), so I was looking for something different. Thanks.
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I'm not a big vodka drinker, but my fallback is always a Screwdriver. I feel like that would fulfill your requirements if I was in your shoes.
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White Russians could be an awful, no good idea, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

If you decide to go with something involving OJ, make sure to buy the stuff without calcium added. We discovered over brunch mimosas awhile ago that alcohol tends to precipitate out the calcium compounds they add to orange juice, so you'll end up with nasty white sludge in your Camelbak.
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I like a Sea Breeze which is vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice. That might be too similar to last year for you.

I also love vodka mules: vodka, (really good dry) ginger ale, and lime. You can also add in mint. The spicyhot ginger hit is very refreshing and would be good in the cold.
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Oh and I know ginger ale is carbonated but I find it still tastes just as good flat as long as you get the sweetness from the vodka and lime versus the spicy/dryness of the ginger balanced right. A sweet ginger ale or the weak flavourless stuff won't hold up to this as well, but it won't be as good in general anyway.
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I prefer greyhounds (vodka+grapefruit juice) to screwdrivers--they're not as sweet, much more tangy, and if you fresh squeeze a grapefruit or two, it's pretty great.
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Madras, which is a Bay Breeze with orange juice instead of pineapple.
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I like to mix vodka with lemonade, myself.
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One of those bottled non-carbonated ginger juices would probably also make a great quasi-vodka mule. Like these -- the Soother or the Energizer.
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Vodka with white grape juice tastes great and juice really cuts the taste of the vodka. Maybe that with some lime.

Or vodka with lemonade and mint is really yummy.
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I like vodka and apple juice. It would be good with a little bit of ginger juice mixed in.
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