Where can I get posters/flyers printed in or near Heidelberg, Germany?
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I live in Heidelberg, Germany and I need to print a number of posters and flyers for an upcoming show. But I've been having a lot of problems doing so. Where can I get large posters and double sided flyers printed in Heidelberg (or deliverable to there within a reasonable time frame)?

Last year, for a similar show, I used the service flyeralarm.com. We had a number of problems with them (they rejected our files several times for various reasons before they finally got a version they deigned to take, and then they were slow to deliver.)

Nonetheless, not knowing any better options, we tried them again this year. We've been trying since Tuesday, and no matter how much we attempt to tailor the files to their standards, the site refuses to let them upload for one reason or another. Time is starting to become an issue - I must have these in hand two weeks from today at the absolute latest, which sounds like a reasonable amount of time -- but given several business days to print, a few business days to deliver, and our experience last year, I'm starting to get very nervous.

Does anyone know if there is either (1) a local print shop I could use, or (2) another service in Germany that we might have better luck with? They MUST be able to print:

A2 posters (gloss, probably somewhere between 120 and 170 GSM)
A6 double-sided flyers (gloss, probably somewhere between 210 and 300 GSM)

So just a normal copyshop that can do nice A3 posters isn't going to work for us, unfortunately.
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I've asked my contacts at the roller derby league in Kaiserslautern who they use - will let you know if they come back with anything.
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I don't know about the flyers, but for posters you could try getting in touch with someone at the university: a presentation at an academic conference often requires a big (A0 or larger) poster, so if anyone knows where to get them done locally it's the academics. Even if there's only a university print shop they might cater to the public as well.
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Here's a print shop in Heidelberg. I can't tell a) how big a job they require, b) if it's crazy expensive, or c) precisely what size of poster they'll print (they definitely print posters, but it's not clear how big). But they claim to do posters and flyers.

The Universit├Ąt Heidelberg definitely has an A0 plotter. Even if you can find someone with access, I can't imagine that's an effective option if you have to print more than one poster.

This place looks like it's worth a call, too. They say they do posters and have a plotter.

This place looks like they only go up to A3, but if you strike out elsewhere you could phone and see if they know somewhere that will do what you need. (Though it looks like they basically subsist on printing and copying for students, so may not know.)

Feeding drucken heidelberg into google.de is what's churning out the copy shops. English language Google doesn't give as useful results.
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