Apparent static coming from microphone
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People I talk to on Skype claim to hear static coming from my end. I ran a test in Audacity and I could hear the static as well. The microphone I'm using is an MXL 990 and I'm using and Icicle Preamp (This thing) to connect the mic to my laptop through USB. I'm copying over any and all specs that would help. Here is the link. I've tried disabling my internal mic and that didn't work. Before I got this laptop, I was using a laptop that had XP on it and it worked fine. I did spray febreeze in the room and on the mic so that everything would smell nice (I was trying to clean up the room). I tried using both my internal mic and another USB one and they worked fine. I also tried using a different USB cord to hook up my mic to my laptop and I was told there was static. What should I do? I've been having this problem for a while now and it's starting to get on my nerves. Thanks in advanced.
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That makes sense. I should have been more careful. Is there anything I can do to fix it or should I just buy a new one?
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Have you tried a different mic on the pre-amp?
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Also, is this windows or mac?
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Also, what kind of static is it? Does it hiss, or is it more like a hum? Or is it distortion? Popping? Is it constant or just sometimes? Do you get static when you're recording a quiet room?
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I don't have another mic to use with the preamp. Also, my computer is a Windows.
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The static? It sounds like distortion to me. It happens at random intervals, usually after an hour or so. I record in my usual quiet area I have set up.

I can only get short, small recordings done, in a nutshell.
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i meant if you're recording nothing in the quiet room (ie, no one talking), do you still hear the static?
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Oh! My bad.

The static only seems to come up whenever someone talks, I believe.
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Nthing that you need to break this down to trouble shoot it. Try the mic on.a different machine. Try a different mic.on your machine.
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It might be clipping. Have you tried lowering the volume on the pre-amp?
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I've tried using another USB powered mic and it worked fine. My internal mic in my laptop also works fine.
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I also recently tried turning down my preamp and there was still static.
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