Sculpted (not printed) Han Solo in carbonite iPhone 4 case?
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Are there any iPhone 4 cases that feature Han Solo frozen in carbonite that are sculpted/3d, and not printed? The only one I've managed to find is this, which seems a little dicey.
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Could have sworn ThinkGeek had one, but it's just a business card case.
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Not so much an answer as a reason why you might not find an answer, but a friend of mine is both a Star Wars fan and an engineer. He tried (unsuccesfully) to find this very thing. He then figured it might be a fine market opportunity and looked at trying to design one. After a few weeks' work, he concluded that there seemed to be no plastic that was simultaneously flexible enough to snap the phone into, inexpensive enough that he (or anyone else) could afford it, and durable enough that Han's fingers would not be snapped off in a month of wear and tear.
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Oh man. One of these in black anodized metal (nothing to break!) that doubled as a battery extender, Mophie style, with the placement of LED charge indicators on the side where the control panel of the carbonite slab is in the movie? They'd sell truckloads!
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