Can't have weck for every meal.
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Best Saturday Brunch in Buffalo?

I want to take my beloved cousin out for a nice brunch. She's a senior in college, so old enough to drink but not old enough to afford to really treat herself to a nice brunch.

All I need is a place that's (1) thrillingly delicious and (2) open on Saturdays (which unfortunately rules out Shango). I haven't lived in Buffalo for almost a decade, so I have no idea what the best places would be! And googling gives me way too many options.

No allergies whatsoever, but she does love things covered in melted cheese. I mean, everyone loves things covered in melted cheese, but she takes it to another level.
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Empire Grill was pretty decent. They have a good breakfast burrito.

The Left Bank was our go-to place and excellent, but unfortunately only open for Brunch on Sunday.
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Black Rock Kitchen and Bar on Amherst Street is what you want. They just started Saturdays. Their menu varies by who is cooking, but sometimes there are homemade doughnuts! And everything I've had there is good.

Or Amy's Place for a college vibe.
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I really enjoyed Betty's last time I was in Buffalo.
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Betty's is the place.

There are dozens of other places that do a great brunch, like the divine Left Bank. But Betty's is such a quintessential Buffalo brunch you can't miss it.
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Oof, was going to suggest Left Bank, but they don't have Saturday brunch.

I'd also go with Betty's.
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I came by to suggest Betty's too. Delicious.
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I love Betty's, I mean I do. And Amy's is an institution, but sometimes I don't feel like fighting the suburban douchestorm that crowds at Betty's and to a certain extent, Amy's.

Sophia's Restaurant
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Merge, perhaps Buffalo's most vegan-friendly upscale restaurant, has Saturday brunch, except for THIS Saturday. They're closed this week for winter break. If your date isn't tomorrow you might consider it. Cheesy goodness (in cow and soy cheese varieties), and bottomless mimosas to boot.

Black Rock Kitchen would be my choice, probably - they actually take reservations for Sat brunch, which starts at 11. Interesting menu, for Buffalo. 491 Amherst St, Buffalo, NY 14207, (716) 551-0261. Here's the brunch menu.

Amy's and Sophia's, while esteemed breakfast spots, have no booze. If that matters.
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Thanks everyone! We ended up going to Black Rock Kitchen and it was just wonderful, exactly what I was looking for.

Especially the Broderick.
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