Web-based survey/evaluation software?
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Googling for any sort of survey software that's NOT subscription-based was frustrating. I need something that can be used to evaluate and provide reports for businesses in the hospitality industry.

My client is looking to start a "secret shopper" business which provides detailed evaluations and reports to spas. Spa hires her, she visits spa and completes a detailed evaluation, then provides the report to the spa.

I'm looking for software that I can plug into a website and it must be a one-time cost, not priced by subscription. Bonus if it integrates easily with the Expression Engine CMS.

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Jotform.com might work depending on the volume.
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Might limesurvey be what your looking for?
(I am not to sure what exactly you are looking for; limesurvey would be useful if you want several "secret shoppers" to enter information over the web. It's free (GPL) and it's PHP based.)
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