Looking for the perfect iPad 4 case
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I just bought an iPad 4, and (since I rarely spend this much on myself) I'm really paranoid about taking care of it. All the special snowflake details inside...

The main things I'm planning on using it for are surfing the web while on the couch and watching movies and TV while on the treadmill. I have a shelf set up in front of the treadmill, so I don't need to rest the iPad directly on it, but it does get a little wobbly if I'm jogging hard.

I'll probably wind up traveling with it at some point, but I won't be carrying it back-and-forth to work or anything.

I was originally looking for something with a fun design, but now I'll settle for just functional.

Based on this previous question I was looking at BookBooks and Dodo cases (they're both beautiful!), but I'm concerned they won't function as a sturdy stand for movie viewing.

I also found this one via that thread, but I'm still concerned about sturdiness. Also, we bought a similar case for my mom's iPad at Christmas, and it took several tries to get the thing to fit. And I am known for breaking things with my freakishly large man-hands. (Doorknobs, handles, important little plastic bits, etc.)

The best the Apple store could do was a $40 tripod thingie to go with the $50 SmartCase.

Any help, especially first-hand experiences, would be appreciated!
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I can't recommend a specific case, but I can say that I've had an iPad 1 since 2010 and never had any problems with it. I just used an Apple case and wiped it off once in a while. Not even a scratch.

I didn't drop it or throw it out my car window or anything, but there were no signs of wear from normal use.

I'm on my third iphone and found that the glass they use is mostly scratch resistant. I had one little scratch on one of the phones, but other than that, nothing.

Basically - don't worry too much. They're more durable than they seem. If you're worried, get Applecare +.
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Best answer: How much are you willing to pay for it? The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cases are steep at $99, but they come highly recommended by everyone I know who's owned one, and have--as the name implies--a keyboard built into the case. It also has a tray that holds up the iPad surprisingly well for watching stuff.
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My wife sewed me up a simple pouch out of fleece (in a sweet baby-blue print), and it protects my iPad quite well. She attached a little hook-and-loop to keep the flap closed. *shrug* She tells me it was really easy for her.

I love the fact that -- when the iPad is in its little sleeping bag -- I can gently rub the glass though the fabric and then then screen is clean the next time I take it out!

Make yourself an iPad Woobie, man: it rules.
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Best answer: How about a slim case for all the time plus an easel for when you need it, like this? You can search Amazon for "tablet stand." There are also cases that attach to a wall or other vertical surface - this may be an option for the treadmill.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I'm still on the fence about a keyboard case, but it might be nice to have. The easel is a good option if I decide to go cheaper...I could not believe they really wanted $40 for the one at the Apple store! (All the employees gathered around when I asked to see it. No one had even taken one out of the box before.)
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I have the aforementioned Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard case and really like it. I got mine a bit cheaper on eBay. I then got a custom-sized sleeve on Etsy that was big enough for the iPad and the case and have been very happy with this combination.
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This is one I have for my iPad 1 but they don't make that particular model anymore. Targus has similar ones on their website but I bought mine at Marshalls. Marshalls is a good place to browse for discounted accessories.
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I have the switcheasy case - this has pretty good protection (although it is more bulky than the apple smart case that my partner has). The important thing here is that it is much sturdier than the apple case when used as a stand.
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actually from the picture, it looks like they have redesigned it a little since I bought mine - I can't tell if it still has the grooves on the inside cover which the side of the ipad slots into, the feature which makes mine so sturdy. Might be worth confirming this first.
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I have a Joyfactory Smartsuit for my iPad and I really like it because it is thin, robust, and good looking. But if you want something to withstand vibration while beinng propped up like a picture frame, you might like a real stand or even a mount.
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I tried a few different cases before I found the best fit -- the Griffin Intellicase is thin but protective, sturdy, and functions great in upright and keyboard orientations. It's also got magnets to sleep/wake the device, and will fit the newest iPad.
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I got a Dodo case classic for my iPad 2, primarily for looks - I use it in a conservative office environment - but have also found it to be very reliable. I use it as a stand for video watching, and while there are other models that are almost certainly more sturdy upright, the Dodo does just fine. I rest the back flap on the elastic from the front and this gives a bit more stability. On the couch it just perches on my lap.

So I'm saying if you like the look of the Dodo you shouldn't discount it entirely.
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