Rremote control for a Sony BDP-S490 BD player to control my LG tv?
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How do I use the remote control for a Sony BDP-S490 BD player to control my LG tv?

There's much talk in the manual about all of this happening automatically, but as yet, I can't find a setting or anything like that. It worked automatically for my old Panasonic BD.
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Are you sure that's the right number? When I look at their manual page, it shows BDP-S480 and 500, and 390 and 590 (among many others), but not 490.
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I have a similar Blu-Ray player and it controls my TV automatically through the HDMI cable that connects the two. When I turn on the player it automatically turns on the TV and switches it to the Blu-ray input. I know that you can turn this feature off in the Players settings menu. Also my player has some quick-on feature (I forget what it's actually called) that may be confusing the auto TV on feature.

Also the TV can control the Player in a very limited sense. When I turn off my TV it automatically turns off the Player. I think this feature can also be disabled in the players settings menu.

Additionally my Player remote has a few additional buttons that supposedly control the TV, but I'm not sure if it works with non-Sony TV's because I use a universal remote and never actually use the Players remote.

I think that HDMI supports controlling volume but I don't think any of my devices support this feature.

If I switch my TV's input away from the player with the player on it automatically jumps back to the player after a few seconds.

FWIW, Sony has Android and iPhone apps that control the player.
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It's this one here:


It's an earlier model.
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