Great Coffee Blogs
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Help me find some great coffee blogs. They could be practical how to type blogs, coffee shop reviews or straight up coffee porn. Bonus points for anything with a UK focus.
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I quite like the Has Bean blog.
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Fortnight of Coffee is a feature on the gearpatrol blog that looks pretty cool.
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While not exactly a blog, the Blue Bottle coffee descriptions are extremely fun and evocative (damn good coffee as well, natch).
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Dear Coffee, I Love You is one of my favorites.
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Coffee Geek is not exactly a blog, but it has updating articles, a podcast, how to guides, and equipment reviews, along with excellent forums.
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In addition to Dear Coffee, I Love You, my coffee geek husband recommends:
Square Mile blog (UK company)
Nordic Coffee Culture
Dymaxion (Peter Guliano's coffee blog)
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Square Mile's James Hoffmann is a must read for anyone interested in the specialty coffee industry and coffee culture in general. He writes clearly and succinctly and as interesting, often controversial views.
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