Vancouver - nice shop to send wine or another a business gift?
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I would like to have a business-type gift sent to someone in Vancouver. Have a wine shop or something else to recommend?

I am in the US. My main thought is to find a wine store in Vancouver that could pick out something nice/intersting for me and have it delivered. I need the store to do the selection - I don't know much. Any non-wine ideas also welcome. Thanks.
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Here are a couple of nice wine shops that have been very helpful when I have been in. I have no idea if they would deliver.
Swirl wine store

and these guys don't seem to have a website:
Kitsilano Wine Cellar
2239 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K 4S2
Neighbourhood: Kitsilano
(604) 736-7660
Mon-Sun 10 am - 10 pm
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Phone the government liquor store on Cambie (biggest in BC) and speak to a wine consultant.
He/she will give you the best ideas, and you can explain your situation.
You may have to purchase the wine at a different store, but they will help a lot.
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