What task/project management tool am I looking for?
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I'm looking for a tool to help me manage my projects and tasks. The main requirements are: 1) easy to add tasks and subtasks (like Workflowy), 2) online (so I can work from different computers), and 3) tracks time estimates (how many hours left, how many spent). What should I look at?

It would be great if the software also had tags and some way to do milestones, but if it had the 3 requirements, I could survive.

Things I've looked at: Workflowy, Todoist, Trello, Wunderlist. None of them handle time estimates.
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Have you looked at Basecamp and Attask?
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Check out KanbanFlow. It has time estimates and an integrated Pomodoro timer (with tasks specified) which auto-records the time you work on it.
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Oh two others I forgot to mention: GoPlan and SmartSheet.
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Response by poster: I have looked at Basecamp and am considering it.

Attask doesn't show pricing which means "if you have to ask..."
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The Stack Exchange Project Management Q&A site would be another good place for you to ask this question (and research for possible existing answers).
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Best answer: Pivotal Tracker allows you to estimate tasks. You can put tasks under a feature or bug, etc (so tasks and subtasks), and you can add "epics" - Milestones, if you like, and releases.

Of course, this is development-focused.
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I think Toodledo will do time estimates. I dunno how much I like their interface, though.
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I like smartsheet. Not so sure if it covers your needs in terms of timetracking, but it does everything else.
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Response by poster: PivotalTracker seems good so far because I'm doing development and the "pivotal tracker way" is close enough to my way that I can adapt. I like how it does time-- you assign your tasks (or stories as they call them) a number of points and it lets you see how many points remain in a particular epic.
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