I want to see more dancing like this:
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I love all the dancing feauted in Sean Paul's music video for 'Get Busy', but particularly the men's part @ 1:46 and 2:47. Can you point me towards more videos with dancing in this style?
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Just to gauge how specific you are being how do you feel about...
Dance Crew Style breakdance/hip-hop? (especially the guy at about 1:20 and the ladies at about 3:20)
Smooth Hip-Hop? A second one just for good measure because I love these choreographers.
And hey, lets just throw in my favorite dance number of all time and see how you feel about that. I think the 4 guys at the beginning could really be something you are looking for and then followed by the smoothest breaking and krumping one has ever seen.

Sorry for all the So You Think You Can Dance clips but they have a good collection of dance styles in one easy place.
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Check out wine (example, example) for the girl's dance moves. Here (they have more dance videos) are some reggae dance moves for the guys, might help to recreate the choreography from the original video if this is what you are going for.
Or did you mean you are looking for original music videos?
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I watched the recent Beyonce HBO documentary (several times already, I couldn't help it) and in it they show a duo that she has flown over from Mozambique to teach her whole choreography army a new dance. She first saw the video on youtube, it's a pretty cool and snappy little number, you can see it here.
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Another routine from So You Think You Can Dance (Canada), dancing starts about 2:00.
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