Help me find some podcasts in Hebrew!
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Hi, I'm looking for help in finding podcasts in Hebrew. When I google "podcasts in Hebrew" I get a lot of listings of language learning sites, but not much help finding actual podcasts...

Basically, I just want to passively listen to people talking in Hebrew. If I could read Hebrew I guess I could go onto a Hebrew language website and just click on a link but I can't read Hebrew!

If I could get links to sites that have podcasts PLUS an indication of what to click on, that would be extremely helpful. I don't care too much what the topics are on the podcasts, I just want to hear people talking. Preferably women, but men talking is ok.
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Digging around on the Haaretz website got me Israeli Story, which is apparently an attempt to port This American Life to Israel. This article mentions a couple of English-language Israeli podcasts. You might see if their websites link to any in Hebrew.

I think you can stream stuff off the IBA website, but you need Silverlight installed, which I don't have. It's got some limited options to switch the navigation to English, and Google Translate seems to do okay. I couldn't find podcasts, though.

I also found, which if nothing else gives you links to a load of radio stations. (It purports to have podcasts, but I don't see any.)
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Open in Chrome. You'll get the option to translate the page (which appears to contain many podcasts) into English.
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Whenever I'm doing a search like this for Chinese stuff, I search for "podcast" plus a random Chinese character. This seems to put Google in Chinese mode and returns better quality search results. Maybe you could do the same for Hebrew?
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Yeah, icast is the biggest site for podcasts in Hebrew.
Lots of independent material is hosted there.
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