Traditional Cremation vs Resomation/Bio-cremation
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Have you had experience with resomation, aka bio-cremation? The mortuary taking care of my pet's body offered me the choice of cremation methods, with a gentle push towards resomation (a chemical bath that dissolves the remains), and ... while I don't want to overthink this, I just want to know if the end results are basically the same, and if there's anything else I should consider.
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Very sorry for your loss.

What do you mean, "the end results"? Having something like cremains to bring home and put in an urn or scatter to the wind? The end "product" is still a powder (though I believe it's finer-grained than cremation "ashes"). Someone more familiar with the mortuary sciences may be able to give a more full answer if you elaborate on your concerns and plans for the remains. It's definitely more environmentally sound, from what I understand.
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First, I am so sorry. It's so hard to lose a furry buddy. Caitlin Doughty of 'Ask a Mortician' fame does a great short video in the subject of liquid cremation. You can view it at
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Go with the cheaper option. The result will be very similar. The chemical method (I'm so sorry to be typing this) yields similar results. You can still honor the remains in a way that is meaningful to you (scattering or keeping ashes or similar). I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Thanks, guys. I think that video nailed my main issue, which is that the concept of chemical cremation is/was unfamiliar to me, and people tend to resist the new when it comes to death. It was helpful to hear someone else say that.
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I wish I wasn't limited to answering you on my phone. Resomation or aquamation is a much more environmentally friendly process than cremation and the end product you receive is pretty much the same. I can give you way TMI about the processes (resomation and aquamation vary slightly but are both alkaline hydrolosis) if you'd like, message me. I understand that may be exactly what you don't need right now.

Sorry for your sad news.
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