How to save create a Photoshop action to that saves files to server
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Previously we used a Photoshop cs5 Action to save images that were already on our Windows file server to another folder on the server. We got a new server. The Action now longer works, seemingly because the path is different, though the drive letter is the same. I've attempted to record a new Action, following the steps in the old Action, but there's a problem. The new action records the name of the file, so all new files saves with that Action are saves names of the file used to record the action. The original action did not save the name of the file used when recording the action. We would like the new action to do what the old Action did How can I get Photoshop to record this action and not save the name of the file, so it can be used by multiple people on different Windows 7 machines?

Our workflow is simple, we get jepgs of photos, open them, color correct for our publication and then press the button for the "save to new folder" action, which saves all the files in a specific folder on the server.

But with the server switch, that Action is no longer working.

The action literally has two major steps:
As: Tiff
Byte Order: IBM PC
With LZW Compression
In: \\Windowsserver\pubname\specialfolderforeditedphotos\

Is there anyway I can go into the action and change the path? I don't see an edit step or some such option in the Actions Pallete.

The Adobe forums weren't helpful, as they insist saving to servers isn't supported. Which is fine, but it worked before and would like it to work again.

Any ideas?
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Nvm, discovered that by double clicking on the individual action step, I can change the path. Problem solved!
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